Spillefuglen national campaign

Center For Ludomani

The Task

1 in every 12 Danes is addicted to gambling to some degree. Despite this, gambling is a public taboo that does not get the attention it deserves. Providing inflicted parties with information about warning signs, and giving tangible advice on how to control gambling is key to breaking down the taboo.

The Solution

It is important to keep in mind that the addict along with their families and acquaintances are the victims. We didn't want to righteously point fingers – instead we wanted to take an active, positive approach – showing that there is a way out of gambling addiction. The campaign drove massive traffic to ludomani.dk where you could take a test and see if you have a gambling disorder.


Spillefuglen national launch campaign

The national “Stop gambling before you loose yourself” -launch campaign introduced the gambling bird in 2014 as a curious little bird that grows bigger and more annoying the more you gamble. The campaign created massive awareness and political focus on the subject and was shortlisted by the International Achievement Award. But the best thing is that Centre for Ludomani registered a 400% increase in enrolments after the campaign!



The original campaign was featured on the landing page "Stop før du taber" (stop before you lose). See the campaign site here:



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Mette Hegelund
Partner, CEO