Branding campaign

Sparekassen Sjælland-Fyn

The task

Sparekassen Sjælland-Fyn has grown strongly in recent years through the acquisition of Max Bank in South Zealand, acquisition of Sparekassen Faaborg in 2013 and a merger of Sparekassen Sjælland Fyn in 2016. The customer base is large but the knowledge is low compared to other banks of the same size. Investigations showed that only a fraction of consumers who are considering switching banks had Sparekassen Sjælland Fyn as their next bank connection. The task was therefore to increase awareness of Sparekassen's name, logo and core values.

The solution

The key to an effective awareness campaign is a sympathetic and unique story - and that has Sparekassen Sjælland Fyn. Where the large nationwide banks close branches and centralize their customer service, Sparekassen Sjælland Fyn goes the opposite way. It has a strong local presence, a well-established branch network, and differentiates itself with flexible and prompt customer service with a present personal contact between the consultant and the customer. We therefore developed a campaign that positions Sparekassen as the alternative to the nationwide banks – a bank at eye level with the customers, where the advisors do not receive bonuses to sell products but serve the interests of the customers. The awareness campaign includes television spots, local media print and a digital campaign aimed at potential customers through display and social media as well as POS communication in branches.



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Jens Grauslund
Founder, Strategic Director