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Raffinaderiet Social is our inhouse full service social media division with speciality in lead generation and digital activation on social platforms. We develop effective social media strategies based on data-driven insights and create results with clicks, leads or direct sales - covering both B2C and B2B segments.

Our process is defined in the sense that content and storylines are directly linked to your business goals and the values you share with your customers or resellers. Whether it's the big traditional platforms like Facebook & LinkedIn, or niche media like Snapchat, we have a setup that can ensure your brand's relevancy.








For most companies and organizations, social and digital channels are central points of conversion. They’re more prevalent than traditional mass media, they are more accurate and they give us the cheapest methods to target our audience. And when it comes to creating engagement and shared values, social media has the biggest influence in the media world.






Many companies are active on social media without having a clear strategy. We always start by defining clear goals and creating operational audiences so that we have a clear picture of who we are talking to and how we are targeting them. Based on your company's values and product benefits and the interests of your target groups, we define a social agenda that can easily be converted to a tactical social media calendar.



Follow through and media handling

MWith a complete in-house production department, the distance between thought and action is short. With a fixed internal setup we can develop ideas and produce video, images, text quickly and efficiently to make content follow strategy and keep costs down. Our in-house media agency can assist with programmatic media purchasing and cross-platform tracking. And our inhouse web team can help with campaign sites and landing pages.







If you want help with ongoing operations, our community managers and content specialists can provide maintenance-based on a retainer-based fee. Development and optimization take place as a fluid process, with continuous reporting back. Both through reports, but also through dashboards that provide a summary of key figures in real time - directly on your desktop. The dashboard is also a tool that ensures that there is always total transparency between media spend and performance.


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