Making a building come alive


The Task

If your product material is professional and appealing, the likelihood of it getting your customers' attention is that much greater. That applies to everything in marketing – whether you are selling candy or corporate office spaces. When Skanska makes a sale, it is a multimillion-crown deal, so of course the material has to be carefully planned, engaging and convincing. That is where Raffinaderiet comes in.

The Solution

Every building project has a unique story, so figuring out what makes a project special is our first task. CPH Highline is a prestigious project located in Copenhagen. In this case, one story is that the building has a long, green roof patio that tenants can use for recreation, business meetings and more. So we focused on telling the story of the unique opportunities the patio offers. We created a CPH Highline webpage, direct mail material, follow-ups, and on- and offline banners that made the CPH Highline very visible. Consequently office spaces sold very rapidly.

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Mette Hegelund
Partner, CEO