The task

sessions is a meeting room solution that incorporates high quality display, sound, video and computers in one plug-and-play system. The company behind sessions – dnp denmark –  wanted a combined awareness and lead generation campaign targeting decision makers in companies with multiple meeting rooms.

The solution

A digital campaign, which combines geofencing and targeted SoMe activites, to create massive awareness within a specific geographic area, minimized transportation time between demo’s and meetings. The digital campaign was supported with telemarketing to book meetings.


Insight & creative execution:

Most presenters have experienced problems with poor connectivity and bad AV quality in a meeting room. It can delay meetings and ruin the experience of the presentation. A survey among presenters helped us identify the key “pains”. We dramatized the most annoying problems in three funny videos which became the “click bait” of the campaign. Clicking on the banner led the user to a website that explained how sessions could effectively eliminate these issues.


Udfordring 4: kabel-kaos
Udfordring 16: remote-roulette
Udfordring 22: konference-kollaps



Landing page with ROI calculator:

All traffic from the campaign was directed to a landing page with benefits and customer testimonials.


Studies show that on average, 5 minutes are wasted of a meeting is wasted due to technical problems. To translate this into a business argument we created a “wasted-time-calculator” on the website.

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Jens Grauslund
Founder, Strategic Director