Activate your sellers and dealers

Activate your sellers and dealers

A typical B2B dealer has products from around 30 suppliers in his portfolio – and you’re up against all of them. Sales companies have to fight with product groups for attention and sales time. So why should sellers spend time on your product? The answer is the mobilization and motivation of the sales force.

You have to make sure that sellers are well aware of your company, that they are focused on your products, and that they know how to sell them. And it must be fun to work with your brand. It may sound obvious, but it needs targeted sales management, exciting activities and good tools. Many companies only consider the end users when it comes to marketing. They forget that they need to earn the seller’s favor and trust in order to sell anything at all. A small internal campaign can mean just as much for sales as a big external one. The sellers must believe in you and your product.

Internal campaigns

Most sellers prefer products that are fun and easy to sell. So you should always approach vendors with simple product training based on tangible benefits and clear messages. If you don’t have the opportunity to meet the sellers face-to-face, then do the next best thing: involve them with an entertaining digital presentation or e-learning event. Any idiot can generate a sales competition. The trick is to create genuine commitment.

Any idiot can make a sales competition. The trick is to create genuine commitment.

Another reason for making digital a key part of your internal campaign is to find out about the sellers. What do they click on? How long are they there for? What questions do they answer and what sellers are active? You can find answers to all these questions by using online tools instead of traditional print launch materials.

Make sense

The sellers’ knowledge and motivation starts to fall as soon your product has been introduced. The use of tools such as mobile sales tools can be an easy way to keep them interested.

Focus on the value that the seller can bring to the customer through your product, instead of focusing on technical details. It has to make sense. Benefits sell better than fact sheets. Why not reward sellers who put in the extra effort? That said, be careful not to let competitions take over. Although sellers will go after an iPad in a sales competition, the best way to get them fired up is through meaning and motivation – it’s the best gasoline you can get.

Create a culture of success

Create a motivational winning culture by sharing and celebrating results, make awards, write articles about best practice in newsletters and engage them with relevant content. Visualize how well dealers performs against other retailers and create incentive for competition. Help them to cultivate and celebrate their successes. It will be remembered.

Gain direct access

Make sure to always have direct access to the sellers who are going to work with your product. You do not want to risk ending up with a sales manager, who may not relay your messages to the sellers. If you get hold of the names and e-mails of the sales force, you will then be able to keep the pot boiling with newsletters, sales competitions and sales tips. Simultaneously, you can ensure that there is a commitment present where things happen: on the sales floor.

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