Push the bar higher


The Task

The real estate market, including commercial leases and domiciles, is one of the most rigid markets in terms of marketing. It is usually governed by hard facts such as location (location, location), square meters, parking spaces, number of meeting rooms and other static factors. This makes it difficult to distinguish the different buildings from each other. Our task was to find a new angle that would make CPH Highline stand out in the crowd and place it top-of-mind among potential stakeholders.

The Solution

We worked from the insight that companies with an office that increases health and well-being have fewer sick days among their employees and are better to attract new talent. Ergo, they get more on the bottom line. By positioning CPH Highline as “The Healthy Office House”, the building took on a unique position in an otherwise generic market.



Thumb-stopping posts

Moving images are significantly the best tool if you want to stop the viewer from scrolling further. By using cinemagraphs, which are a combination of a moving motif and a frozen image, we grabbed people's interest and delivered the main message of CPH Highline as “The Healthy Office House”.




The next step

CPH Higline's specific health features are featured on the dedicated landing page. By having a strong visual and content connection between the initial impact and the landing page, we ensured a very low bounce rate. In the next step we present harder values of square meters, prices, availability and infrastructure.
See the entire site at cphhighline.dk









Effective outdoor

Although we had a "digital first" approach to the task, we ensured that the campaign also lived in the more traditional channels. Among other things, we ran huge outdoors on the billboards at the building site and placed print ads in selected media.




Retargeting with hooks

At the end of the funnel, a sharp retargeting campaign was launched, focusing directly on the concrete qualities of the house. Here the health message was toned down, as the recipient had already been exposed to this. This, more direct approach, made it easier to convert "window shoppers" into specific leads.



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Jens Grauslund
Founder, Strategic Director