Generate leads online

Generate leads online

Many B2B companies treat their homepage like a showroom without vendors, and consequently miss out on a lot of business. But research shows that a B2B company can convert 1-2% of online traffic into concrete sales leads to sellers and dealers.

For internationally oriented B2B companies the website is the primary showcase, both in terms of visibility to potential customers and to dealers. Yet only a minority exploits its full potential.

Get a global super-seller

Try not to think of your homepage as a company presentation. You should see it as an important sales machine and a tool for generating leads for dealers or your salespeople. Even if you don’t sell directly to customers, you can accept a request and pass it on to a dealer to make the sale happen.

Your best seller is digital. Give it a human face.

Many B2B sales directors believe their product is far too complex and expensive to be sold online. This common misconception explains why the homepage is rarely used as a tool in the sales process. The biggest B2B orders can be the result of a homepage visit that’s been converted into a sale. It may have started out as a request to demonstrate the product, or to download a report or case study. Equally, it may stem from the calculation of possible savings. Once the contact has been made, the vendors can take over and do what they do best.

What will the costumer purchase?

A B2B sale is always the result of a longer sales process that begins online. Start by setting up relevant Call-to-Actions on the right spots of your homepage and see for yourself what a goldmine it is. As a rule of thumb, a B2B site should convert 1-2-% of traffic into concrete leads in the form of offer requests, product demonstrations, meetings, or requests for further information, such as newsletters etc. This gives your vendors and dealers the opportunity to follow up and get closer to making that sale.

ROI in a few months

In many cases you can transform your corporate website into an effective lead generating machine – without having to make any radical changes. First and foremost, it’s about creating relevant response options. Think about visitor behavior on your website. What would be the natural next step when they’re on a product-page? Perhaps it’s an offer or a demonstration? With this line of thinking, you can convert new visitors into repeat visitors that your vendors and dealers can work with. This investment in enhanced lead generation will often be recovered in just a few weeks.

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