Stop Hadforbrydelser

Kbh. Kommune

Københavns Kommune, Københavns Politi, Institut for Menneskerettigheder og Frederiksberg Kommunne. 


The Task

When innocent people can't go through life without worrying about being attacked or in some way victimized, something has to be done. Hate crimes are on the rise in Denmark, but only a few of them are being reported to authorities. We needed to reach out to victims and bystanders and compel them to report hate crimes, thus condemning the action of offenders.

The Solution

We focused on the three primary targets, according to the penal code: Race, sexuality and religion. We created a word play about having blue eyes vs. the violent equivalent of blue eyes – and used this to carry the local Copenhagen campaign. Outdoor, DM to businesses with supportive stickers for their windows, an art event at Gl. Torv/Nytorv (Elmgreen og Dragset), posters and stickers at gyms, bus posters and press. Soon afterwards, the number of reported hate crimes rose and, according to the PET report, the campaign was a positive contribution.

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Mette Hegelund
Partner, CEO