Global omni-channel campaign


The task

In connection with the launch of the new hearing aid; Beltone Amaze, Beltone wanted a global campaign focusing primarily on the US market. Beltone wanted the campaign to communicate that Beltone Amaze is one of the world's first hearing aids that comes with built-in rechargeable batteries and a docking station.

The solution

With the omni channel campaign “Make every day amazing", we took a new approach to traditional hearing aid communication. Instead of focusing on complicated product features, Beltone now tells an engaging story about the added emotional benefits users will experience from hearing better. Now, everyone can go out and make every day amazing.




Brand video with user insights

Research shows that people suffering from hearing impairment often withdraw themselves from social occasions. They simply find it too demanding to be surrounded by people. With the Beltone Amaze brand film we dramatize the fact that Beltone Amaze re-connects you to the world and enables you to go out and make every day amazing – not only for yourself but for the people around you as well.




Shot on location

The Beltone Amaze campaign is shot on location in Los Angeles.


Brochure BTB & BTC

The "Make every day amazing"-line applies to both consumers and hearing care professionals.


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Camilla Randlev Petersen