Online-to-retail Awareness


The Task

Danish bicycle brand Biomega have set new standards for bike design through their collaboration with world-renowned designers such as KiBiSi, Bjarke Ingels and Marc Newson. This year Biomega wanted to honour their design legacy by celebrating the 100th anniversary of the German Bauhaus school. Naturally, they did so by introducing their flagship e-bike, the OKO, in a new limited edition. We were asked to develop a digital campaign that could create a buzz around the launch of the new bike and ultimately generate traffic for Biomega’s online store.

The Solution

We created a concept and a campaign feel rooted in the characteristic shapes and colours of the Bauhaus. This visual concept creates a great synergy between the blue bike, the graphic campaign elements and ties together the different campaign channels from digital to the physical store. We started the process by developing 4 personas, map their digital behaviour and user journey. From this we were able to utilise Biomega’s social media channels and create sponsored posts and retargeting for both facebook, instagram and the google display network – generating a massive 10 x doubling of traffic to



Increased Awareness

To create a big splash and reach broader than we would with targeted ads, we did an Instagram take-over and made a Bauhaus campaign consisting of 33 posts varying from video, photo and graphic elements.





Data That Gives Results

Altogether the campaign strengthened the experience of the blue OKO bike as an integral part of the story of Bauhaus and created great interest in Biomega and their online store. The great amount of online traffic generated by the campaign has since been utilised for retargeting, lead generation and sales in Biomega’s Danish flagship stores.



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Camilla Randlev Petersen