Ambu Stop Cross Contamination Campaign

The Task

Ambu conducted research on the effects of cross-contamination due to inadequately cleaned reusable EEG electrodes. This resulted in several peer-reviewed science papers that was published staggered through respected medical journals. They needed a branding campaign that would support the findings of the papers suggesting hospitals to switch to disposable electrodes, preferably from Ambu.

The Solution

Raffinaderiet won an agency pitch with an overarching campaign called “Stop Cross-contamination”. The campaign was activated over several smaller campaigns each mirroring the findings of the individual science papers through an omni-channel campaign including video, web, banners, print and social media. The campaign yielded a 25% conversion of landing page visitors.





The old saying goes that one should avoid hospitals in order to stay healthy. The sad thing is that it’s actually true. Hospital Acquired Infections are a real concern, namely when it comes to cleaning of semi-critical devices. Ambu conducted a study about the cleaning of reusable EEG electrodes that found that 1 out of 4 cleaned re-usable electrodes were contaminated with at-risk bacteria like staphylococcus potentially leading to infection.




With the insight that key stakeholders from the hospital sector such as procurement managers would be easy to identify on LinkedIn we designed a series of targeted posts. Using video, infographics and key visuals we made a wide series of impressions to a narrow audience providing broad awareness to a select few as result.





To support sales activities, we developed assets for brochures and ads with both images and infographics supporting the scientific claims.




At the heart of the campaign was a landing page that gathered all the findings, linked to the original studies and more importantly featured a contact formula to be contacted by a sales representative. The landing page was setup with retargeting banners to re-activate visitors as the page was updated. The digital assets were also activated through an iPad sales tool.


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Jens Grauslund
Founder, Strategic Director