Product launches


The task

DLF is the global market leader providing grass and clover seeds to more than 80 countries. They operate within forage & agriculture and private and professional lawns. In order to communicate their product program effectively, it is necessary to have a communication package for each product that can be activated globally as well as locally. Each product needs its own name and identity that communicates clear value towards the end user.

The solution

We developed a basic package with communication strategy, logo, key visuals and elemental packages for each new product that can be activated in all markets. Special attention has been paid to the fact that all products must be able to function at distributor level and towards end-users and that products can be activated in all markets regardless of language barriers. With a style that challenges the common perception of grass properties without compromising product characteristics, Raffinaderiet have created a series of product launches for DLF.



More from each mouthful

When it comes to fodder grass, the digestion rate is crucial to the yield. With DLF Fiber Energy, cells are easier to decompose for the animal, which means it can eat more and thus produce more milk or meat. This is shown in a communication concept where the animals are portrayed in an "All You Can Eat" situation and the product logo is structured as stylized cell walls.



The biggest small decision you’ll make

The communication concept puts the seed in a new perspective, where the right choice can both ensure the yield against drought and at the same time raise it by 20%. With a simple take on perspective the benefits are clearly displayed without dwelling too much in the science.



Accelerate your lawn to the finish line

Seed covered with DLF Accelerator coating grows 38% faster in just seven days. The coating contains important nutrients to the grass and increase the ability to absorb water. With a name, logo and concept that supports speed, we made a communication concept that clearly conveys the product benefits.

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Jens Grauslund
Founder, Strategic Director