SmartMop – Product Launch


The Task

Berendsen is an international textile, hygiene and facilities services business with over 16,000 employees across Europe. The Berendsen SmartMop range consists of innovative microfibre textiles and a unique, ergonomically designed mop handle and frame. A small chip is installed inside every mop, allowing to keep track of each item. Berendsen needed a communication concept for the system to help push the sales.

The Solution

With the promise “Clean smarter” the campaign focuses on the intelligence of the system. Not only does it help you understand the value chain and combats shrinkage, it also cuts down on cleaning time with the ergonomic solution. The key visual pairs intelligence and cleaning with a simple and universally recognized image making for a powerful impression. The omni-channel campaign includes video, brochure, exhibition materials, adverts, and a set of digital assets for activation in all channels.

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Oliver Kaalund