The Task

It is not every day that you have the privilege to campaign for a brand new product in a brand new category. But that was the challenge when we created the platform for Milo - the world's first Action Communicator. Milo makes it possible to talk to your friends while skiing, biking or surfing – not like using a walkie, but hands-free group-chat in perfect quality without access to wifi or mobile.

The Solution

In close collaboration with the Milo Team in San Francisco and the UK based design agency Monokoto, we developed the “Go far - Stay Close” platform. Based on the brand promise "Make shared adventures better", we created a series of films that show how Milo adds a social dimension to outdoor experiences such as skiing, kite surfing and MTB. Playground - who else - and their awesome crew produced the action scenes.”





$2.5 million raised on Kickstarter

Milo and the creative concept was launched on Kickstarter and raised $2.5 million in just 39 days, making it the 5th most successful technology project ever on Kickstarter. The Milo Action Communicator is now in production and will hit markets in North America, Europe and Asia in the spring of 2021.





Brand movies and user-generated content

The campaign for Milo is based on small video sequences, where we dramatize the benefits of being able to communicate in the moment during sports. The branded content has been shot on location with the real "adventurers" in skiing, kitesurfing and MTB.





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Jens Grauslund
Founder, Strategic Director