Brand loyalty beyond the sale


The Task

Making the first sale in a competitive market like the wireless audio industry is tough, so retaining the customer for future upsell and referral is essential. Libratone presented us with the task to design a digital retention programme that maximises the user experience and inspires to recommend and purchase additional Libratone products.

The Solution

Together with Libratone we created an automated email flow triggered by purchase of one their products through their webshop. The programme covers the entire user journey from purchase and unboxing, over simple feature tutorials and explanations through NPS scores, competitions and cross selling, providing a positive brand experience.




Our approach

We decided for a mobile only format to cater for a contemporary look that is also sustainable. We utilized several advanced features as background images, animations as well as personalized merging fields that provides for a very personal email experience based on name and specific products purchased. We ended up with 4 different programmes with up to 8 product variations – all translated into 4 different languages. Throughout the project, Raffinaderiet was responsible for:

  • • Strategic scoping
  • • Flowcharts & Planning
  • • Requirements specification
  • • Design
  • • HTML coding
  • • Database integration
  • • Automatization
  • • Translation & activation in 4 language versions



Want to know more?

Jens Grauslund
Founder, Strategic Director