Creating In-store ambassadors

Libratone Guru

The Task

Standing out in the market of music speakers is not easy. Because the field is so technical a lot of consumers tend to just ask the store clerk for his or hers advise. So Libratone needed their brand to be top-of-mind for the experts in the stores. Two major issues were imminent. How do we increase the experts interest and knowledge in Libratone and furthermore how do you reach the store clerks? They do not have an office space or personalised computers. So we needed to reach them some other way.

The Solution

One thing the experts do have is a telephone. So we created a game called Libratone Guru that can be accessed on phone, tablet etc. Upon completing all 7 levels of the game you are labelled a “Guru”. By doing so we catered the professional pride of the experts in every store while making it fun to learn about Libratone. Ultimately improving the possibility of a sale through the experts because Libratone were more present in their awareness and would more frequently pop up in their in-store sales pitch. A couple of months after launching the game there were more than 300 Gurus in the stores in Scandinavia. The numbers of Gurus is steadily rising.

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Jens Grauslund
Founder, Strategic Director