Backstage Music


The Task

Making the consumers think that Libratone as a brand is an integrated part of both the music industry and the consumers’ own personal use of music is an ideal position for Libratone. Raffinaderiet was asked to come up with a campaign that would strengthen the connection between the three even more.

The Solution

The average consumer of Libratones speakers is pretty tech-savvy so the obvious choice was to use online media to make a connection between them and various popular music artists – get them in backstage so to speak. On Youtube consumers could see music videos, behind the scenes footage, interviews etc. The videos went viral afterwards and mixed seamlessly with the consumers’ own posts and shared videos. Everybody had a wish to peek in when Libratone opened the curtain up for the backstage area.

Beyond the basement

Libratone was born out of a love for music and passion for powerful, vibrant sound. And just like many musicians, we started out in the basement. That’s why we make it our mission to support promising new musicians on their quest to get their music out there. We’re partnering with Sony Music and DiscoWax on a project called Backstage where we find promising new artists from Scandinavia and try to give them some international exposure. As a part of Backstage, we created a series of music videos that run in Danish cinemas during the previews. You can check out some of the videos here and follow us on Facebook to discover and support great new music.



The Minds of 99 - Ma Cherie Bon Bon
Clemens - Pisk Uden S
Thøger Dixgaard - Tæt På
KIll J - Propaganda
The Attic Sleepers - Airport
Barbara Moleko - Paranoia
Kesi - Dumme Penge
Camilo & Grande - Gir Dig
JonasForFanden - Nar
Panamah - Lever Vildt
König - Uundværlig
Too Young To Die - Forgive This Boy
Joey Moe - Million
Joey Moe - Klar På Mig Nu
Joey Moe - Hvis Det Ik' Skal Være Os

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Jens Grauslund
Founder, Strategic Director