A unified vision

Knuthenborg Safaripark

The Task

Every brand needs to create awareness, and the leisure industry is no different. When Knuthenborg Safaripark was opening for the season, they needed to make a big splash. Combining both rides and safari, Knuthenborg Safaripark offers an entire day of excitement for every member of the family.

The Solution

We needed to ensure that Knuthenborg Safaripark was the obvious choice for anybody wishing to get a full day of family fun – trying rides and seeing exotic animals. To do just that, we created a new visual profile and identity that promoted and reinforced this notion. Everything from TV commercials and the website to park maps to park signs were made with a universal "Knuthenborg Safaripark look". It created a unified vision of the park as a place where a new, exciting adventure was lurking around every corner.

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Christian Garnov
Creative Director