Put The Smile Back In Your Ears

Interton Hearing Aids

The Task

As part of their global growth strategy, the GN Group wanted to re-launch INTERTON as a value for money hearing aid brand with GN quality and technology as reason to believe. Unlike their premium brands ReSound and Beltone, INTERTON had been a dormant brand without any significant product-, commercial- or marketing development for several years. That created an amazing opportunity to build the brand proposition and marketing communications from scratch while at the same time challenging the traditional go to market process.

The Solution

Research shows that many users perceive the journey towards getting and using a hearing aid as complicated, challenging and expensive. This created an opening for a brand that made hearing aids more accessible both physically and emotionally. So we decided that INTERTON should be more optimistic and straightforward than any of the competitors. A brand that provides effective, easy-to-use solutions to minimize the impact of hearing loss. A brand that minimise the frills and fuss, making it easier for you to put the smile back in your ears.




new visual identity

The core of the new brand is a distinct and unique look. In a market where everybody else use lifestyle photos, the new INTERTON brand uses illustrations combined with a distinct yellow colour. The visual communication itself exude simplicity and optimism: addressing hearing loss shouldn’t be a big deal!




Launching New Brand & Products

The new brand was launched at the same time as INTERTON Ready – the first product designed according to the new brand philosophy of maximum user-friendliness and value for money. The launch toolbox includes a new Design Guide, new imagery, package design, digital campaign elements as well as videos and brochures for resellers and end-users.


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Jens Grauslund
Founder, Strategic Director