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When leaving the safe premises of your own market in search for greener pastures it's important to pack for the right occasion - otherwise you might end up with a headaches, stomach flu, or other hellish experiences. But rest assured that first of all the journey will be both short and expensive. 

The Danish market is approximately the same size as Hamburg, which means that any B2B company from Denmark with more than three parking lots are in exports. But there's many obstacles on many levels in order to achieve success. Language barriers, cultural differences, time zones, corruption, left side driving and chopsticks to name a few.

One of the major bumps in the road is that even very large Danish corporations are being dwarfed by the competition on the international markets. There's simply not enough ressources for a massive presence, which makes you dependant on your distributors and their salesforce.

Through the past 19 years, Raffinaderiet (in English; The Refinery) have helped large enterprises and medium businesses getting across the border. We've got insights on how to:

  • Launch global campaigns
  • Generate leads
  • Activate your sellers and dealers
  • Organize your sales structure

Find out more about Raffinaderiet and read our case studies below. We hope this helps you to realize your true global potential. 







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