Brand-activation across the sound



ForSea, formerly HH Ferries/Scandlines, have repositioned themselves as the most sustainable way of transportation across the Sound. With a total conversion to battery operation on multiple ferries, ForSea eliminates the use of fossil fuels, thereby reducing CO 2 emissions and local pollution - to the benefit of both passengers and the marine environment in the Øresund region.

The Solution

The refinery is responsible for activating the new brand on all platforms: before, during and after the journey. With more than 20 campaigns per year, we work with both Swedish and Danish marketing teams to create visibility and presence in all of ForSea's target groups. It's all about selling travel experiences with a good green conscience!






Campaigns for all passenger segments

ForSea sells experiences to many different passenger groups; families with children, seniors, young people, etc. Therefore, communication is wide and varied so that there are travel offers for everyone. Although the crossing is the same, there is a big difference in how the different target groups are communicated. All campaigns are customized by local copywriters to create the best possible brand experience.





The journey begins on board

It takes only 20 minutes to sail across the Sound. But it is 20 minutes that can be spent shopping, eating or enjoying the view from the deck. Therefore, the need to travel with the joy of being onboard is combined.


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Mette Hegelund
Partner, CEO