Framework for growth and life

Ejendom Danmark

The Task

EjendomDanmark is the business organization for property owners, landlords and administrators in Denmark. They represent approx. 85% of the professional real estate market with over 100,000 employees and a turnover of just under DKK 100 billion. EjendomDanmark wanted a complete revitalization of the brand and a more modern and visible profile.

The Solution

Through a thorough branding process, in close dialogue with EjendomDanmark's Executive Board, we established the desired position and value identity. This work formed the basis for the further creative development of a new name, a new logo and a new visual identity that could position EjendomDanmark as a competent, strong and forward-looking organization.


New Name, Logo and Payoff

As we developed the new logo, we changed the name from; Ejendomsforeningen Danmark (The Property Association of Denmark) to the more idiomatic EjendomDanmark (Property Denmark). The new logo refers to a building – and is a contraction of the letters "ED", which is EjendomDanmark's nickname in everyday life.


The payoff, "- Framework for growth and life", summarizes EjendomDanmark's goals and vision in one single line. It tells the story that EjendomDanmark, in collaboration with their members, creates the physical framework for urban space, social life and economic growth in society. At the same time, the word “framework” refers to EjendomDanmark's great efforts to create healthy and competitive framework conditions for the industry.




New Online Framework for Growth and Life

A new website presents EjendomDanmark in a clear and welcoming way. The design emphasizes a simple and intuitive interface that inspires the user to discover news, political announcements, legal guides, analyses and statistics on the real estate industry.







Updated Magazine

The now re-designed magazine, EJENDOM (Property) is published 4 times a year - also digitally. In EJENDOM, articles include trends and developments in the property market, new policy initiatives and new legislation or administrative practice.




Complete Corporate Visual Identity

The new CVI guide is an effective tool that ensures synergy in EjendomDanmark's presence across all elements. The guide contains basic rules and best-practice examples of everything from image style, colour codes, font usage and tone of voice to decoration of pens, mule bags and printed business cards.



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Jens Grauslund
Founder, Strategic Director