Unifying several brands into one identity

DLF Trifolium

The Task

During the last decade DLF Trifolium (now DLF) have made several strategic acquisitions of companies across the continents. Because of this they are placed in a global, dominating position on the grass seed market. The board of directors had a strong wish to unify their entire market operations into one global unit operating under universal guidelines. But how do you get different brands to accept a new name and identity when they’ve always operated independently.

The Solution

Our insight told us that every part of the business has to move in order to make a successful acquisition; just annexing brands was not a valid option. Thus a new name, logo and an internal launch campaign was created and with the new brand promise “Count on Growth” the new DLF brand arose. By interviewing the corporate management and conducting among customers we were able to identify the core values of the new brand. As a result the internal corporate community was strengthened significantly and the customers experienced a more seamless transition between the different business units.

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Jens Grauslund
Founder, Strategic Director