Digital Strategy


Let your company's overall goal define your digital strategy

The prerequisite for success in digital channels is a well-thought-out digital strategy. With a digital strategy, you get identified digital focus areas and a digital roadmap.

Should we have a Smartphone app? What about Facebook - how do we utilize social media? How can we measure the value of our website? Is behavioral targeting relevant to us? The questions are relevant for most businesses and many try to navigate in an unknown water with new online trends and digital technologies. A digital strategy defines the framework for how a company should develop new digital solutions and optimize existing ones. A digital strategy also serves as a basis for management decisions in relation to new projects and solutions. The starting point must ALWAYS be the company's business goals - never technology or the latest trends. If the business goals aren’t met, then simply don’t pursuit the solution.

We can help companies develop a digital strategy and roadmap that can help close the gap between the company's current performance and a desired position defined through business goals. The preparation of the digital strategy includes desk research, web analysis / statistics, competitor analysis, industry trends, benchmarks and identification of KPI’s for digital efforts. Contact us if you want:

  • An overarching digital strategy
  • Online lead generation
  • Identification of digital KPI's
  • Consultancy within social media, website, SEO/SEM, email marketing, mobile optimization et al.

Below you can read more about digital strategy and see a selection of cases. We hope that it’ll give you valuable input to deliver on your digital vision.







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