Digital Strategy



There was a time when "digital strategy" was about prioritizing and using digital channels and media. Today, "digital strategy" is a mindset that encompasses all of the company's digital interfaces to the market and stakeholders - including website and e-shop, social media, display & search, email & affiliate marketing,

CRM & online customer support, not to mention the interaction between them. We can help you get an overview of your digital landscape and define action areas and KPIs that support your strategic and business goals.



Begin with the user journey

The best starting point for the digital strategy is mapping the interests and motives of your target groups as well as the user journey they make towards your product. Where, when and how do they hear about your business and your products? What product benefits do they turn on? How do they seek knowledge? How are their digital behaviors before, during and after a purchase? What search engines and websites do they use? We can help you chart this journey, giving you a clear idea of which channels and digital buttons to push.




Conversion and lead generation

The user journey mapping provides a good picture of which digital touch points to build your campaigns around - and when to activate your messages to get the most impact. Typically, the user journey will lead to one or more visits to your website. Therefore, it is crucial that your landing pages convert well and contain the information that convinces the user that he / she has landed in the right place. We can help you get the most out of your website - or develop a new one if needed - to optimize it. Only then does it make sense to direct more traffic to your site.



Programmatic media buying

Once the user journey and conversions are in place, it's time to drive relevant traffic to the site by being present on the channels where your target audience is located. It will typically be a combination of display marketing, social media, influencer activities, search and email marketing. One of the key tools is media planning and buying via RTB (Real Time Bidding) platforms such as Google Display / Intent or Adform, which allow to target very specific audiences. We can help you find the right media combination and through our agreement with Adform we can buy in at prices that are both attractive and transparent.


Eye-catching and targeted communication

Communication in digital media works on its own premises. If you don't catch your audience's interest in a split second, they'll scroll past your message. The time is short, the formats are small, so it's all about communicating quickly, easily and in the blink of an eye. We are big fans of video and targeted messaging that affects the user's interests and current search behavior in the specific "moments" where they are active on digital and social platforms. Take a look at some of our cases for examples.





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