As a full service agency, Raffinaderiet (in English: The Refinery) delivers strong creative concepts based on a solid strategic foundation. We believe that good communication should satisfy both parts of the brain in order to convert consumer attention into action, interest and sales. Some call it advertising, digital, design, PR or direct marketing. We call it creative communication for the heart and mind.




Attention and effect

We activate the brand history across all relevant contact points and media, while optimizing marketing spend by primarily using digital activation. As we see it, it’s the only way to create positive attention while maximizing the effect.





Pinpointed creativity

We focus on creativity to solve business challenges, with little regard for classical disciplines or silo thinking. Instead, we focus on understanding consumer behavior and trustfully meet their needs and expectations.



We have more than 20 years’ experience of creating, among others

Branding and visual identity, media planning, campaigns & product launches, dealer & retail activation, B2B & lead generation, PR & Social media and a lot more. Most likely, we'll also have a solution for you.









Want to know more?

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