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Creativity refined

We transform business goals into storytelling

At Raffinaderiet we believe in the power of creativity and simplicity – and we use both to transform complex business goals into engaging storytelling. It’s all about refining the insight, the idea, and the messaging until the story unfolds – simple and clear.

Do you get it all?

Dansk HøreCenter

Close-up of woman wearing ski clothes. On her backpack is a Milo product.

Building a global brand


Woman makes electric buggy on the deck onboard a Forsea ferry.

Green communication


Woman in red clothes practices yoga.

Sunny SoMe campaign


A young boy stands with a soccer ball under his arm in front of some houses from Balder.

Welcome home campaign


Picture of a young woman with freckles.

The 100% natural campaign


Woman with surfboard walks across terrace. On the terrace there are plants from Greenify.

Growing awareness via SoMe


Two elderly women hugging each other in a gym.

Strategy and comm. platform

Dansk HøreCenter

An old map on a table. With a bottle of rum from A.H.Riise, a compass and binoculars

A tasteful universe with a proud heritage

A.H. Riise

Two men in medieval clothing stand with their backs to each other.

A surprising SoMe co-lab

Roskilde Cathedral X Viking Ship Museum

Man with summer hat, swim ring and summer clothes walks through ferry terminal.

Hunger for holiday


Picture of EjendomDanmark's logo.

Revitalizing the brand


Product image of Rebiome ReEnforce Face Cream.

Brand strategy


A couple meeting a consultant from Novasol in front of a house.

Shooting Tuscany in Trørød


Woman with headset looks into the camera.

Omni-channel awareness campaign

Sparekassen Sjælland Fyn

Small but closer

We might not be the biggest agency on the planet – but we like to think we are closer with our clients than any other agency. We believe that it builds a special connection – and confidence to make the right decisions at the right time. So, if you need a razor-sharp brand strategy, an eye-popping creative platform or thumb stopping SoMe content, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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